May 23, 2011

Finding my subject in the Poetics of labour

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My subject for the MA arose out of the process of drawing I developed for a collaborative project between Artel – a local artgroup and Southampton Oceanography Centre.
Intense mark making, in white ink on a ground of graphite involved an almost obsessive and meditative process which informed the visual language and gave the subject of labour as in the art and craft movement.
My subject for the collaboration was a North Atlantic phytoplankton called Emiliania Huxleyi – of great interest to the oceanographers because of its importance in the food chain and because, like all plants, it oxygenates – thereby contributing to the health of ocean and atmosphere. Emiliania Huxleyi is a one celled spherical plant surrounded by a most beautiful, intricate calcite shell. Here is a link for those wanting to know more about it:
On the MA therefore my first approach was to continue the process of intense mark making on a ground but I changed the format from circles to quadrilaterals and I changed the ground from graphite to a soft charcoal.

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