May 28, 2011

Short Personal Statement

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The Grammar of the Grid – as a verb, as a noun, extrinsic or inherent

Grids have always fascinated me.  Why are they so important?  What is their personal significance that I keep returning to them?

This exhibition is a selection of paintings which explore these questions.

To paint a picture of a grid is not the same thing as to paint a grid; and to grid a painting is not the same as to make the grid explicit in a painting; and to imply a grid is different again from a work owing an inherence to the grid.  These are all aspects of the language of the grid and hence my title.

Grids are inherent in our cognitive processes.  We structure information through them  in every discipline and activity.  Higgins[1] has written of their history and use in ten different  applications.  For her they are networks of possibilities.  Gardner,[2] writing of multiple intelligences, describes them as “frames of mind.”   Williamson,[3] writing of the history, use and meaning of the grid in art points out, whilst their structure remains pretty much the same, they are infinitely adaptive in their use and express the prevaling views of the time.

But if you should ask what this work with grids is really about – it is about painting.  For me the MA Course, ‘Practice as Research’ has been, “a ticket to ride” and the grid a portal which has led me to fundamentals at the heart of abstract painting. It is here that I have understood the importance of the grid and its meaning for me.

[1] Higgins, H. The Grid Book MIT 2009

[2] Gardner, H.  Frames of Mind –The Theory of Multiple Intelligences 1983 (pub. Unknown)

[3] Williamson, J.  The History, Use and Meaning of the Grid. Design Issues Vol 3, No 2. Autumn 1986 MIT [online]


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